How Businesses Can Get Involved

Make saving lives a part of your business! Partner with Pregnancy Center North to help save unborn babies and give back to our community. You can do so through a donation of your time, talent, or finances to fulfill a center need or a project. Below are just some of the options we offer. Contact Amy at 410-377-2872 (Mon/Wed/Thurs/Fri – 9 am to 4 pm) to get started. 

Sponsor An Event

Help support Pregnancy Center North by underwriting one of our events. Your support helps show your corporate commitment to giving back to the community, while helping us save lives, and inspiring others to do the same. Sponsorship always includes various levels and ways of giving and helps us cover the costs of an event to ensure that funds raised go directly to helping the ministry.

Contribute In-Kind

You can help free up Pregnancy Center North’s budget by donating in-kind services. Every contribution your business makes allows the clinic to redirect funds toward other expenses, such as medical supplies and client resources. From general maintenance and bookkeeping to accounting and legal counsel, there’s a need for every service. Contact us to discuss contributing your business’s professional services. 

Donate Or Raise Funds

We depend on generous financial support to continue our mission. All of our funding comes from individuals and businesses like yours. You can give a donation, or plan a fundraiser, to contribute financially to this vital ministry. Your business’s tax-deductible gift will help save lives in our community.

Does Your Employer Match Gifts?

Double the impact of your generous financial gift. Find out if your company matches charitable donations to non-profit organizations like Pregnancy Center North. Some companies match up to $2,500 per employee per year! Direct those funds to Pregnancy Center North to help save unborn babies in the womb, as well as their mothers and fathers in need of help and hope.

Pregnancy Center North is a registered 501 (c) (3) nonprofit ministry that is fully funded by individuals, churches, businesses, and organizations who want to provide this ministry to our community. Our Federal Tax ID number is 52-1724629. All contributions are 100% tax-deductible.