Since the beginning, education has been a major component of the services we offer to help women thrive. During Covid-19, Pregnancy Center North implemented two new virtual education programs, HopeSync and BrightCourse (both offered in English and Spanish), so we could continue to serve our clients. Both programs include videos that can be texted or emailed, so clients receive them on their smart phones, tablets or computers. The programs are also trackable, so we are able to monitor our clients’ progress and follow-up with lesson reviews via phone or in-person. For more information on our services, click here to visit our client website.

HopeSync, a video streaming service, is designed to meet the needs of our clients who are considering abortion, so that they receive valuable information they need from doctors, professionals and women who have been in similar situations. This tool supports our in-person counseling efforts to help women make a choice for life.

Clients who choose to keep their babies can receive further education and support through BrightCourse, a subscription-based, video-streaming service, providing lessons on topics such as pre-natal care, parenting, relationships, life skills and more. In pre/post test results, we have seen a 47.68% increase in learning. Clients are rewarded with baby supplies for participation.

Pregnancy Center North is a registered 501 (c) (3) nonprofit ministry that is fully funded by individuals, churches, businesses, and organizations who want to provide this ministry to our community. Our Federal Tax ID number is 52-1724629. All contributions are 100% tax-deductible.