Pregnancy Center North - History


Pregnancy Center North was founded in 1982 by two Catholic women with a fervor for helping women in crisis pregnancies. Realizing that women needed a safe place to acquire the truth about abortion and alternatives thereof, Dee Silverman and Marilyn Szewczyk began Pregnancy Center Inc., which consisted of five centers all across Maryland from the eastern shore to as far west as Taneytown. They also began the Auburn Center 24-hour hotline. Helping women make healthy, life-affirming decisions and avoid the violence of abortion, these pro-life activists braved the Post-Roe vs. Wade society as pioneers in the prolife pregnancy center arena.

Since 1982 tens of thousands of women have entered our doors receiving help, hope and healing. Our center has evolved into a medical facility offering more services and reaching greater heights than ever imagined all those years ago.

Pregnancy Center North offers free services which include:

  • Pregnancy testing
  • Limited obstetric ultrasounds (for pregnancy confirmation & viability)
  • Options counseling with an emphasis on life affirming choices (parenting and adoption)
  • Referrals and resources to community agencies
  • Educational incentive program (prenatal, postpartum, parenting and life skills)
  • Material aid
  • Support groups
  • Post abortion healing

Today, we see approximately 800 women annually.

Our center is a place of hope. It’s a light in the darkness. It’s a judgment-free zone. A safe haven. We listen, we comfort, and we help remove the barriers that might lead a woman to choose abortion.

At Pregnancy Center North, women learn that abortion isn’t their only option; that they don’t have to choose between having a baby and finishing school; or having a baby and a career. They can have both. They also learn that if they aren’t ready for a baby, they can make an adoption plan and bless someone else’s life. At PCN, we believe that women deserve better than abortion.

Learn more about PCN's history from our founder, Dee Silverman

PCN Ministry is a registered 501 (c) (3) nonprofit ministry that is fully funded by individuals, churches, businesses, and organizations who want to provide this ministry to our community. Our Federal Tax ID number is 52-1724629. All contributions are 100% tax-deductible.